• Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Estate planning involves the process of an individual or family arranging the transfer of their assets in anticipation of death or serious disability.

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  • Tax Strategy

    Tax Strategy

    Tax Strategy law assists individuals in planning the most beneficial method to acquire, operate and dispose of real estate property, business and personal finances.

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  • Asset Protection

    Asset Protection

    Asset Protection is the process of protecting your wealth (investments, property, assets, etc) from the possibility of future creditors attempting to take it from you or your family in the event of a bankruptcy or some other financial tragedy.

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Gadarian & Cacy, PLLC is Tucson's trusted, experienced team of attorneys specializing in Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Tax Strategy law.

Our law firm provides dedicated, professional legal counsel in the areas of estate planning, asset protection and tax strategy. Contact Gadarian & Cacy today to ensure that your property, financial assets and wealth are safe and secure. 



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